For Artists

As a songwriter, record producer, and mentor for musicians, I was surprised by just how easy it was to start my own courses and huddles through this model

If you already teach music or another creative disciple, creating an Online Learning Experience is a great way to connect with new students and maintain relationships with existing clients wherever they are in the world.

Asynchronous group courses and huddles work incredibly well - you can create the core content (video lessons) once, and then run the program again with a new group. You may also be able to help some of your students to transition into facilitators; selling your program to people in their network.  

With the Coronavirus pandemic obliterating the live music industry, many musicians are looking for a way to generate regular, reliable, and convenient income streams. can help musicians to create their own courses or take advantage of pre-packaged teaching content, such as our Songwriting Circle, to offer out to their network.

Through our 21-day 6-session course How To Launch Your Own Online Training Business, I can show you how I managed to pool a full-time income from my own courses in less than 30 days from launching.