Frequently asked questions

How can I create my own courses?


There are many things to weigh up when thinking about creating your own course. You need to consider 

  • Course content & design 

  • Your target audience

  • How to create videos 

  • Asking the right questions to create a community with your course member 

  • Setting the right action points for each session

  • The right price point

  • Marketing 


We recommend joining our How To Launch Your Own Online Training Business course to run through the process in detail and so that you can experience the platform and style of learning


Can anyone create a course? need something to teach people and need to be able to engage people through bite-sized teaching videos  


Isn’t this just a zoom call?


Not at all...Our online learning experiences are asynchronous. People watch pre-recorded teaching videos, respond to discussion questions by posting their own videos on their own time, and then following action points to solidify their learning. Everyone gets to learn, everyone gets to share, everyone gets to listen...members log in at a time that suits them each week so there is no schedule


How long is a course or huddle?


You can make your programs any length but we like to do 6 or 12-week programs. We call a 6-week program a course and a 12-week program a huddle. 


We also do shorter 21-day courses which might contain 3 or 6 sessions. 


Why would people sign up for this?


People will sign up for various reasons 

  • If you ask them to

  • They like the sound of what you’re teaching

  • If you’re personally facilitating the course

  • They might get input on their work, thoughts, and ideas

  • It’s cheaper than one-to-one consulting or a degree course yet extremely engaging with clear learning outcomes 

  • They can log in on their own time

  • They can interact with others

  • People love the method (and we have loads of testimonials to prove this)


What kind of courses could be offered?


We’re pretty open but anything that would work with a group of people remotely could work. 


Can I create a course that people do by themselves?


Yes, you can create self-directed courses however it’s usually best to create a group course that can also be re-sold as a self-directed course

Could you help publish and promote my course and how much could I earn?


We are looking for course creators and the sky is the limit.

If you enrolled 12 students into an average course paying £250 each, you would generate £3000. The platform we use (The Missional Institute) takes out a 5% commission for admin, multi-level payments, onboarding, and reporting plus the merchant fees (1.4-2.9% with Stripe with credit cards in the US being 3.5% or 4.5% with AMEX) and then $1.99-3.99 per user per month (for the time they’re on your course)

You might pay a facilitator £300 to run your course...leaving a remainder of around £2500. If we co-publish your course, you retain 85% of this remainder (plus the £300 facilitator fee if you deliver the course) and we retain 15%. So you could earn £2425 for an average course if you are creating a course, selling the course to your network, and facilitating it.


However, once you’ve created it, we could resell the course to our network and through our partners. You don’t have to do anything in this instance and we split the remaining revenues (after the platform and facilitator fees) 50/50. So you would earn around £1250 without needing to show up...which is probably a lot more than you'll earn from posting 'how to' videos on YouTube


Can you help with creating videos, running trails, and course design?


We can assist with these services for those whose courses we publish. With a publishing arrangement, we split the remainder 75/25 in your favor after the platform and facilitators fees

What does a facilitator do?


Facilitators respond to people’s posts to offer interaction, feedback, and encouragement. They might post their own facilitator overview video and they would chase up members who haven’t shown up to the course via email.


How long does it take to facilitate a course each week?


This can vary depending upon the length of the videos people post in your huddles/courses and whether you require additional marking/interaction. It might take 2-3 hours each week for an average huddle with 10 members to be facilitated. 


Can you help me if I want to publish my own course or channel?


Our training courses will give you information about how you can do it all by yourself however we recommend that people start with working towards a co-publishing their first course to get to grips with all the elements. We also offer advanced training and consulting for those wanting to create their own channels and more complex business models. 


Do you have any success stories?


Our founder Andy managed to attract over 40 paying customers in less than 30 days when starting his own course in the Christian music training sector (pretty niche). Having seen how achievable it was and how people responded to the method of learning, helping other businesses, teachers and communities to launch their own online learning experiences seemed like a no-brainer 

Can I have a meeting to discuss how this all works?


We offered one-to-one consulting or for the price of 1 hour’s personal input, you can sign up to a 21-day facilitate course which will show you our platform, model, and method. Regardless of whether you launch your own online learning experiences, the transferable value of what you will learn is worth infinitely more than what you pay.

Will people really re-sell my course to their network?

If you create a course that people connect with, they might bring a friend or they might want to become one of your facilitators. They will get paid if they can sell or facilitate a course. Within 2 weeks of launching our first online learning experiences, we had people bring friends along and people take our courses to run with their own networks