Grow in your gifting, mission, and ministry as creative Christian

Are you a Christian  songwriter looking to grow

in your gifting?

Songwriters & Psalmists 

12-week group Huddle 

For writers wanting to develop their technique, get feedback on their material and make connections with potential collaborators 

Just £149 or £14.99 per week


Week 1 - Establishing Your Sound
Week 2 - Writing Better Lyrics

Week 3 - Co-writing 

Week 4 - Composing Killer Hooks

Week 5 - Unlocking Your Creative Flow

Week 6 - How To Get Feedback On Your Songs

Week 7 - Finishing Songs

Week 8 - Copyright & Publishing Overview 

Week 9 - How to Share your Songs Online

Week 10 - Connecting Deeper with God & Your Audience 

Week 11 - Starting From Different Places

Week 12 - Top Tips from Leading Writers 

Facilitated asynchronous course. Created by Andy Baker

Are you a Christian 

artist looking to see God's Kingdom Advance

Artist On Mission
12-week group Huddle 

For artists, writers and worship pastors wanting to see God's Kingdom advance through music, mission and ministry.
Just £199 or £19.99 per week

Week 1 - What Do You Have To Offer?
Week 2 - What Is The Need You’re Serving?

Week 3 - What Resources Do You Need?

Week 4 - How Will You Most Effectively Reach People?

Week 5 - How Are You Organising Your Time?

Week 6 - Top Tips from Leading Artists & Industry Professionals

Week 7 - How To Build A Team

Week 8 - How To Get The Funding You Need Behind You

Week 9 - Keeping Grounded In God & Avoiding Burnout

Week 10 - Refining Your Plan

Week 11 - Sharing Your Vision 

Week 12 - Top Tips from Church Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Biblical Wisdom

Facilitated asynchronous course. Created by Andy Baker

Are you a Christian wanting to grow in your faith?

Homegrown Devotion
6-week group Course  

For Christians want to grow in their personal devotion to God and establish powerful routines and habits.
Just £69 or £12.99 per week

Week 1 - Homegrown Devotion

Week 2 - Being Transformed by the Renewing of our Mind
Week 3 - Filling our Hearts with Gratitude

Week 4 - Opening our Eyes and Ears to God’s Word

Week 5 - Opening our Mouths in Praise 

Week 6 - Extending our Hands to Share God’s Goodness with our Neighbours & the Nations

Facilitated asynchronous course. Created by Andy Baker