Interested in launching your own online music training business?


in partnership with

Are you a songwriter looking for additional income?

In partnership with Music Crowns, we are helping musicians to launch and grow their own online training businesses. Through a 21-day 6-session interactive course, you can see how I managed to pool a full-time income from my own courses in less than 30 days and work through a process that could enable you to do the same. 

Music Crowns are looking for the best courses from songwriters, producers, DJs, and musicians to promote through their platform to nearly 5 million social media followers as part of the Music Crowns Academy

Are you a producer who could create video courses?

How To Launch Your Own Online Training Business

Session 1 - Grow Your Business Through Online Learning Experiences

Session 2 - What Courses should you offer?

Session 3 - Create a Pilot 

Session 4 - Run a Successful Trial 

Session 5 - Fill Your Courses With Paying Customers. 

Session 6 - Train Facilitators Who Will Sell Your Courses

Are you a music teacher looking to grow your online business?

Don't Miss Out

I will be personally facilitating this course which you can do over 21 days at your own pace and by logging in at a time that suits you. You can experience the platform we use and the method of learning. 

We will help you review 

  • the strength or your idea

  • what to include in your courses

  • the target market for your courses

  • the pain your soothing for your customers 

  • upselling strategies

  • what to charge people and income forecasts

  • how to facilitate courses yourself

  • how to find facilitators

The regular price for this course is £249.

Introductory offer for summer 2020 - just £99

For more information on how our publishing and co-publishing models work, please take a look at our FAQ's.


People joining this course will be invited to produce a 1 session pilot and promotion video which will be submitted to Music Crown to consider publishing. You can launch your own courses regardless of whether you are offered a publishing partnership so there's no catch with this opportunity. 

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